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Reflection 8: Blogging in the fourth dimension; Peter, sit up and listen

by Kayla Klahr - April 28th, 2014.
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Classroom management is something all new teachers seem to worry about. What if I cant control my classroom? What if my students hate me? How do I discipline?

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Image found here

Yet again I am inspired by the words of Pernille Ripp who I have found myself constantly going back to for blog reflection entries. When I looked at her title for this blog I thought to myself, how else do I get my students attention if I don’t say their name but Pernille makes an excellent point. By saying the students name we are calling them out in front of the whole class. She also gave me some new ideas for management that I never thought of before. Proximity is basically preached in Block classes as a management tool but hand gestures, eye contact, a tap on the shoulder or stop talking are ideas that aren’t really talked about. A teacher that just stops talking, is that even allowed? Then I thought about it and it makes sense. If we use wait time to make students uncomfortable enough to answer questions why wouldn’t just being quiet make all the students wonder whats going on? Its brilliant in its simplicity.

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